Lexus LX570 Supercharger Edition Will Be Released Soon.

New Lexus LX570 Supercharger Edition

Lexus in the near future will bring a new variant of LX570 Supercharger Edition, as reported by Inautonews, Wednesday (04/30/2014). As the name implies, the most special thing in this new variant is the use of a supercharger that would make energy more powerful. Reported, the variant will be sold premiered in the United Arab Emirates is imported from Japan.
Lexus LX570 Supercharger

Lexus LX570 Supercharger Engine

Thanks to the additional induction to V8 engine, the 5.7L capacity, power surges which occur quite large. Previous engine only produces 384 PS. With these additions, the power generated increased 65 PS, or become 449 PS. The magnitude of the power supplied to all wheels (all-wheel drive) through a 6 speed transmission. Claimed the latest package, capable of generating acceleration 0-100 kph in less than 7 seconds. In comparison, the regular edition is only capable of 7.8 seconds.
Lexus LX570 Supercharger Engine

Lexus LX570 Supercharger.

Beside power, there are some additional equipment in this Lexus LX570 Supercharger Edition, especially in the cabin, as a supporter of luxury and comfort. Like the leather wrapped interior with dark red shades, heating and cooling seats, premium sound system and Mark Levinson products. For the outside, given the additional front and rear parking sensors, and Xenon headlights with LED for the city lights.

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