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Lowrider Car

About Lowrider Cars Today, so much lowrider cars circulating in the streets. Lowrider style, is a car with a seating position closer to the ground/street. Actually, the style of lowrider cars originated by the Chicano community. Lowrider car style began to evolve in the era of the 1930s, during the post-war prosperity of the ’50s. This word is also used to refer to those who drive or own the car. Every car (sedan, SUV, truck) can be modified into a … Continue reading

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Tata Nano Gold, Most Expensive Car from India

The Tata Group on Monday unveiled a Tata Nano luxury car – made with gold and silver, and studded with precious stones – worth an astronomical over Rs.22 crore. The Goldplus Nano Car is billed as the world’s first ever gold jewellery car and celebrates the 5,000 years of jewellery making industry in India. The car’s body is made with 80 kg 22 carat solid gold, 15 kg silver, precious stones – including diamonds, rubies – and other expensive gemstones. … Continue reading

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