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Subaru BRZ Review

Subaru BRZ-The latest innovations has just done in the automotive world with Subaru presents sport car BRZ. Competitor of Mazda MX-5 is also recognized as a sexy sports car that offers a driving experience that exceeds expectations. Subaru BRZ was also a new mainstay of Subaru in the world of sports cars. 2012 Subaru BRZ Sport Car Reviews, Specs, Price After earlier, Toyota show a sports car, Toyota GT86, now turn the twin brother comes to the surface. This is … Continue reading

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Ferrari Cars Advantages

The Advantages Of Ferrari Cars-For those of you who like a Formula one (F1), the name of Ferrari would have been no stranger. Yes, Ferrari is a car brand that is able to represent luxury and has its own prestige. With all the sophistication, anyone will definitely tempted with this European production sports car. In general, Ferrari cars colored light flashy and only ridden by young high class. In addition to cars that give the impression of luxury, Ferrari is … Continue reading

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McLaren Stops Production of MP4-12C Sports Car

McLaren Stops Production of MP4-12C Sports Car-British supercar manufacturer, McLaren had to temporarily halt production of the McLaren MP4-12C because of quality problems. But quality is not related to the matter of safety or performance of the car. Previously, the news on the internet blows, if this sports car has a problem in safety and performance. Joseph denied this and only mentions that the problems experienced by car is about condensation in the headlights, doors and battery problems. Like other … Continue reading

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