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All-New MINI Cooper 2014

All-New MINI Cooper is a mini car made by “MINI” world-class automotive manufacturers are from the UK. As the name implies, the MINI is an automotive company that produces many mini cars that very popular in the UK. There are several variants of the Mini Cooper, which one of them is the 3rd generation of Mini Cooper which are circulating in Indonesia and another one is the Mini Cooper-S. Although small, but the Mini Cooper can provide comfort that is … Continue reading

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2015 Toyota 86 Model

2015 Toyota GT86 Model – Specs and Price Toyota 86 2015 will enliven the sports car market in Indonesia. Actually this type of car has arrived in Indonesia started in recent years, seen from this Japanese car enthusiasts. Indonesia’s first sports car will be very attractive to consumers because it comes with a sports car specs are very sophisticated and it is definitely a very qualified. Reportedly the price is not too high so it will increase attraction of many … Continue reading

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All-New Nissan Teana Review

2014 All-New Nissan Teana Combine Luxury and Sporty Aura Updates on All-New Nissan Teana brought the concept of “Driving Performance”, switching from “Hospitality” concept which has been applied in previous generations. In addition to changes the exterior, interior, and comfort, The latest Teana seeks to close to the rider, offering best-in-class driving experience. Exterior of All-New Nissan Teana The most obvious difference visible from the exterior. Now not only looks more elegant. The designers added a sporty aura with sharp … Continue reading

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New KIA Rio Hatchback Sedan

Kia Launches 2012 All New KIA Rio Hatchback Korean car maker Kia, released hatchback car named KIA Rio. This car is a new design of the Kia’s hatchback car. Rio is the third best-selling Kia cars in the global market with sales last year totaled 224,942 units. In America, the Kia Rio for sale starting at U.S. $ 13,600 using a 1.6- liter GDI engine 4 cylinder engine with 6 speed manual transmission or automatic.

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2012 Volvo S80 Luxury Sedan

Volvo S80, Luxury Sedan Volvo release how the appearance of the new Volvo S80 variant of the top executive of the most elegant car. This car is a luxury sedan powered by a gasoline engine capacity of 2.0 liters, 2.5 liters, 3.0 liters and 3.2 liters of 143 bhp powered up to 282 bhp. Diesel engines ranging from 1.6-liter, 2.0 liter and 2.4 liter that has a power of 107 bhp to 202 bhp.

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Honda CRZ Hybrid

Honda CRZ Hybrid Review Honda CR-Z 2011 hybrid car is designed with a view of modern sport style and high performance-oriented hybrids car. Its a great expectations built by Honda. CR-Z The Honda CR-Z 2011 exterior is a unique and youthful. This is the kind of car that we rarely find in the streets. Suits a small frame to go up town and we will not find a problem with parking. Honda want to erase the image that hybrid cars … Continue reading

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