All-New Nissan Teana Review

2014 All-New Nissan Teana Combine Luxury and Sporty Aura

Updates on All-New Nissan Teana brought the concept of “Driving Performance”, switching from “Hospitality” concept which has been applied in previous generations. In addition to changes the exterior, interior, and comfort, The latest Teana seeks to close to the rider, offering best-in-class driving experience.

Nissan All-New Teana 2014

Nissan All-New Teana 2014

Exterior of All-New Nissan Teana

2014 All-New Nissan Teana side view

Photo of 2014 All-New Nissan Teana side view

The most obvious difference visible from the exterior. Now not only looks more elegant. The designers added a sporty aura with sharp lines. Frame grille and tapered headlights and leads to a wider body side. The fender line, such as running up the back, the design is a bit more fat. It is, to sustain a lower center of gravity. LED taillights U-shaped horizontal in order to show a modern impression. Overall, appearance is more aggressive than its predecessor. Various factors applied conducted to support the aerodynamics, but still shows the elegance of a sedan.
Nssan All-New Teana - Rear

Nssan All-New Teana – Rear view

All-New Nissan Teana Machine Review

In the current release of Nissan’s launch in Japan, January 20, 2014, explained, the All-New Teana is a global product that is now powered by a new type of engine, QR25, with a capacity 2.500cc, replacing the old type, VQ25DE. Claimed, in combination with the X-Tronic CVT transmission works better in lower-middle rounds, as well as fuel efficiency of up to 14.4 kpl. The result is claimed to improve combustion and emissions efficiency. The goal is to be agile in urban areas with responsive acceleration, but can be relied upon when overtaking another vehicle on the freeway, in a high speed.

Nissan All-new Teana - Front

Nissan All-new Teana – Front (Bumper) Picture

The effects of friction in the engine area is minimized by 40 percent, to streamline the energy procurement process, the use of fuel efficient as possible. It is the result of renewal parts in it. Plus adjustment engine with transmission gear ratios were able to produce better acceleration.


The modern-minded executives would need a lot of advantages of premium quality. Special front seats fitted with anti-stiffness technology for long trips, called “Spinal Support”. Unique seat backrest cushion is claimed to reduce the tension of the spine, support the body comfortably.

Nissan All New Teana Interior

Nissan All New Teana Interior Photo

Head and leg space brings relief cabin, which support the comfort, although the roof is lowered. Access into the cabin does not encounter any obstacles, especially for a guy with a height of 170 cm. Vibration inside the cabin is reduced and increased levels of silence, the conversation in the cabin can be done without having to increase the volume. Other Other equipment for comfort is Active Trace Control that helps the driver when out of the corner with the help of an automatic brake.
Nissan All-new Teana Dashboard

Photo of Nissan All-new Teana Dashboard

All-New Nissan Teana Safety Review

All-New Nissan Teana safety equipments consists of, an automatic light system (with integrated light sensor and a front “wiper”), Vehicle Dynamic Control, Emergency Locking Retractor, air sacs on each side of the front cabin, including the roof, Cruise Control, ABS, EBD and BA.

Price of All-New Nissan Teana

After the launch in Japan in January, Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) officially launched the All-New global model Teana, in Jakarta, Tuesday (25/03/2014). The third generation D-segment sedan is priced at USD 535 million.

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